• ZKONG Innovates an Intelligent Retail Future at EuroShop2023

    Release date / 2023-02-28

    ZKONG is continuing to deepen the European and global markets, exploring the future of intelligent retail innovation with global partners.
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  • 7-ELEVEn & ZKONG Up to a World-Class Shopping Experience

    Release date / 2023-02-10

    ZKONG Israeli agent DANGOT has recently completed the installation of electronic shelf labels in the first 7-ELEVEn store in Israel, to provide consumers with a world-class shopping experience.
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  • Meet ZKong at NRF 2023 Retails’ Big Show!

    Release date / 2023-01-18

    The omnichannel offline + online collaborative service based on IoT terminal equipment has been enriching and deepening the digitization of the retail process.
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  • ZKONG & Tile Mountain: Pooling Online and Offline Flow

    Release date / 2022-10-28

    ESL makes huge difference in store!
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  • Meet ZKONG at Paris Retail Week 2022

    Release date / 2022-10-09

    Everything about Retail, We Make it Smart
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  • Life Super Explores Ideal Life with ZKONG ESL Solution

    Release date / 2021-10-20

    In recent years, facing the new trend of consumption upgrade and the new challenge of technological innovation, Qingdao Leader Group is advancing towards digital transformation of online and offline integration. Installating ESL becomes an important part of digital upgrade of Qingdao Leader Group.
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  • Mi home chooses ZKONG to improve customer experience

    Release date / 2021-09-16

    Mi home installed ZKONG electronic shelf labels to make the prices consistent online and in the brick and mortar stores world-wide.
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  • Estée Lauder Goes Digital with ZKONG ESL Solution

    Release date / 2021-08-11

    The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers and marketers of quality skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care products.
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  • CDF Engages Shoppers at Shelf with ZKONG ESL

    Release date / 2021-06-09

    The digital transformation of China Duty Free Mall is an important step in the company's development and transformation. The change in consumption pattern and demand has prompted more and more traditional shops to upgrade and renovate, and how to improve the experience and enhance efficiency without losing style has become the main theme of the technological upgrade of Duty Free Mall.
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  • Coop Sweden Launched First Unmanned Store Armed by ZKONG

    Release date / 2021-03-24

    Two months ago, Coop, one of Sweden’s leading grocery chains with approximately 800 stores across the country, launched their first unmanned store at Sätrahöjden in Gävle, which equipped with ZKONG electronic shelf labels for related omni-channel solutions.
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