Electronic shelf label, is an electronic display device mainly placed on the shelf-edge, to replaces the traditional paper price label.

Each electronic shelf label is connected to the merchant's computer database through wireless network and displays the latest price information of the items accurately in real time.

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Digital signage used to display specified information in public places.

With product innovation as the driving force and market demand as the guide, we provide more subversive and innovative quality products to empower retail, education and other application fields, and create a wonderful visual world beyond imagination for customers.

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The industry's first true cloud architecture, using the SaaS model, solved the dilemma of centralized deployment and application of smart hardware devices in shops, such as ESL, LCD, AI cameras, etc.

The combination of software and hardware makes in-store management more efficient and intelligent, unleashing the potential of smart retail.

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Forefront technology, exhibitions, events, 24-hour update

Success Cases

Drive store operation development by cutting-edge technology, superior products and perfect

services have brought us numerous commendations

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