Infusing Retail with New Energy: ZKONG Shines at CHINASHOP
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In the surge of digital transformation, the retail sector stands at a transformative juncture, with the in-depth exploration of leveraging technological innovation to redefine consumer experiences and enhance operational efficiencies emerging as a key focus. From March 13th to 15th, the 24th edition of the China Retail Industry Expo (CHINASHOP) unfolded with grandeur at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. This premier event brought together over 800 exhibitors, including leading names from China's top retail chains, consumer goods companies, international facilities, equipment enterprises, and IT technology pioneers. Showcasing a comprehensive range of outstanding facilities, advanced technologies, innovative solutions, trendy products, and retail brands, it drew professional audiences worldwide.

As Asia's most significant and influential retail event, CHINASHOP is recognized as the retail industry's barometer, offering a critical platform for retail professionals globally to discover new products and discern the latest technological trends. ZKONG, a trailblazer in innovation, made a remarkable appearance at this expo, proudly unveiling its latest series of full-range four-color/multi-color electronic shelf labels and 13.5” LCD smart signage. This launch not only demonstrated ZKONG's deep understanding of smart retail solutions but also highlighted its acute insights and proactive embrace of future trends in retail development.

Reimagining Consumer Experience, Innovating Operational Strategies

Peng Jianzhen, President of the China Chain Store & Franchise Association, noted in his opening address that China's consumer market has displayed robust growth over the past year. The rise of new retail formats such as membership stores, discount outlets, boutiques, and instant retail has not only opened new growth avenues for retail businesses and brands but also sparked innovation and transformation in traditional supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Amid the flourishing development of new retail models like membership stores, discount outlets, and instant retail in the Chinese market, the indispensable role of electronic shelf labels has become evident. They empower retailers to swiftly adapt to market shifts, enabling immediate updates to product pricing and enhancing the shopping experience for consumers.

For traditional supermarkets and hypermarkets, electronic shelf labels go beyond improving price management's efficiency and accuracy. They enrich the shopping environment and merchandise presentation, elevating the consumer experience. With electronic shelf labels, traditional retailers can quickly respond to market changes, attract consumers more effectively, and secure a competitive edge in the intense market landscape.

Advancing Sustainability, Embracing ESG

The growing global focus on environmental protection and social responsibility has deepened the commitment to sustainable development, making a firm's ESG performance an essential criterion in this new era. The government's clear advocacy for green development, coupled with the China Chain Store & Franchise Association's proactive initiative in launching the "China Chain Enterprises ESG Action Initiative" at the event, calls upon association members and the wider chain business community to actively participate in ESG endeavors.

Electronic shelf label solutions, as a component of contemporary retail technology, offer distinct advantages in energy saving, emission reduction, operational efficiency improvement, and resource recycling. These benefits significantly boost chain enterprises' ESG performance in areas such as energy conservation, recycling, energy management, customer and employee relations, and internal governance, thereby aiding these businesses in effectively implementing ESG action plans.

Launch of the ZKONG 13.5" LCD Smart Signage

At the expo, ZKONG proudly unveiled the 13.5-inch smart signage ZKS135, which integrates touch screen control and an Android operating system design. With its high-definition display and versatile interactive features, it provides a multifunctional platform for information exchange. The ZKS135 features a 13.5-inch expansive display area, coupled with a 2.5K high-definition screen and matte acrylic material, complemented by a sturdy metal base. This combination not only broadens the visual experience but also intensifies user immersion, setting a new industry benchmark for both display quality and user experience.

Equipped with the Android operating system, the ZKS135 supports a broad spectrum of applications, including media playback, advertising, interactive teaching, and navigation, among others. The incorporation of touch functionality offers users an unparalleled interactive experience, allowing for seamless content transitions to meet diverse display needs. This flexibility and openness make the smart signage highly applicable across various sectors, such as commercial displays, public information dissemination, education, training, and medical guidance, offering innovative solutions across industries.

As a pioneer in retail innovation, ZKONG is dedicated to harnessing technological advancements not just to offer efficient solutions for retailers but to craft a superior shopping experience for consumers. We envision a future of retail characterized by greater intelligence, personalization, and sustainability. We are excited to join hands with more partners and pave the way toward a prosperous future for the retail industry.

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