ICA Supermarket's Digital Exploration: Leading Industry Innovation and Upgrading Shopping Experience
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ICA Supermarket, known for its excellent product quality and customer service, owns more than 1270 stores in the Nordic countries. Starting from 2020, ICA began to introduce digital pricing in some of its stores in Sweden. By using the cloud-based electronic shelf label system provided by Wraptech Svenska AB (ZKONG's authorized distributor in Sweden), the supermarket ensured accurate and clear pricing, thereby enhancing the shopping experience.

Recently, retail giant ICA further strengthened its digital layout to enhance customer shopping experience and store operational efficiency. They chose ZKONG's Sparkle series 10.1" LCD-based digital signage, supplied by Wraptech Svenska AB, to promote the construction of the intelligent digital pricing system, once again leading the digital innovation trend in the retail industry.

ICA Supermarket has always been customer-centric. By introducing and applying cutting-edge technologies, they strive to achieve accurate, clear price displays, improve product displays, increase store efficiency, and create a more comfortable shopping environment for customers. The introduction of the LCD digital signage is undoubtedly another significant practice of ICA Supermarket's flexible application of forward-looking technology, and a continuous stride towards the new era of digital and intelligent retail.

The intelligent digital pricing system is supported by ZKONG's Shield series ESL, covering over 8,000 items in each ICA Supermarket's inventory. In the first ICA store to trial digital pricing, the system was successfully implemented within less than a week, receiving high praise from both employees and customers. In their Kvantum Eslöv store's fruit and vegetable section, the newly installed 10.1" LCD digital signage can be integrated into the same cloud system as the previously installed electronic shelf labels (ESL), which is undoubtedly an important measure of ICA's active response to the digital trend in the retail industry.

The Sparkle series LCD single/double-sided digital signages are full of innovation, with clear screens and abundant information display. Price, product details, and promotional information are clear at a glance, making it more intuitive and convenient for customers. The electronic shelf labels can provide clearer and more vivid product displays, allowing customers to obtain comprehensive product information before purchasing, and helping them make smarter shopping decisions. For instance, in the fruit and vegetable section, the display screen can provide detailed information about the product's origin, nutritional content, and storage methods, making shopping more reassuring for consumers.

For ICA Supermarket, the digital signages can update product prices and information in real time, significantly improving data accuracy and reducing the potential for manual errors. Employees can manage product information more conveniently, save human resources, and reduce error rates. Most importantly, the LCD commercial display screens can be integrated with the electronic shelf labels (ESL) installed in other areas of the store into the same cloud system for unified management, reducing the difficulty of store operations and further improving efficiency.

In the future, ZKONG looks forward to cooperating with more retail partners worldwide to center on consumers, actively respond to the digital trend in the retail industry, provide consumers with a more efficient, convenient, and secure shopping environment, continually improving store operation efficiency and customer shopping experience, and embracing the digital and intelligent future together.

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