• Infusing Retail with New Energy: ZKONG Shines at CHINASHOP

    Release date / 2024-03-22

    CHINASHOP is recognized as the retail industry's barometer, offering a critical platform for retail professionals globally to discover new products and discern the latest technological trends.
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  • ZKONG Makes a Mark at NRF 2024 with ESL Innovations, Attracting Global Retail Leaders

    Release date / 2024-01-17

    With an emphasis on adapting to the digital era, ZKONG extends an invitation to attendees to explore how its ESL offerings are revolutionizing retail markets worldwide.
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  • Loja do Mecânico Advances on Digital Evolution with Innovative ESL Solution from and ZKONG

    Release date / 2023-09-06

    Loja do Mecânico, the trailblazer in the machines and tools sector in Brazil, is excited to announce a significant stride in their digital transformation journey with the implementation their 15th store using an Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) solution.
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  • KAFKAS pioneers digital transformation in Greece with ZKONG ESL solution, innovatively provided by Mindsys

    Release date / 2023-08-04

    The first implementation was successfully completed at one of the KAFKAS 77 stores just few weeks ago, with plans to extend the digital transformation across more KAFKAS locations in the near future.
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  • ICA Supermarket's Digital Exploration: Leading Industry Innovation and Upgrading Shopping Experience

    Release date / 2023-07-18

    Recently, retail giant ICA further strengthened its digital layout to enhance customer shopping experience and store operational efficiency.
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  • ZKONG's ESL Technology Empowers DNS: Reshaping the Digital Journey of Retail Experience

    Release date / 2023-07-05

    Technology is leading us into the digital future, and digitalization is no longer an option, but an inevitable choice for survival and development.
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  • Innovations in Technology and Experience | Mercedes-Benz Adopts ZKONG's Cloud ESL Solution

    Release date / 2023-06-02

    Autoklass has adopted the cloud electronic shelf labels solution provided by IT GENETICS S.R.L., ZKONG partner in Romania, jointly launching the innovative journey of future retail.
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  • 7-ELEVEn & ZKONG Up to a World-Class Shopping Experience

    Release date / 2023-02-10

    ZKONG Israeli agent DANGOT has recently completed the installation of electronic shelf labels in the first 7-ELEVEn store in Israel, to provide consumers with a world-class shopping experience.
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