7-ELEVEn & ZKONG Up to a World-Class Shopping Experience
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ZKONG Israeli agent DANGOT has recently completed the installation of ZKONG electronic shelf labels in the first 7-ELEVEn store in Israel, and the Cloud ESL total solution will be implemented in other 7-ELEVEn stores soon, thereby meeting the needs of new retail development to achieve more efficient cost control and deepen more differentiated customer experience.

7-ELEVEn is not positioned as a convenience store of simple purchasing and selling, but as a smart store that needs to meet the ever-changing life demands of consumers in the process of rapid development of circulation modernization. Thus, 7-ELEVEn innovates every turn of retail to provide consumers with unique high-quality products and convenient services. By efficiently integrating the service concept of "convenience + efficiency" with the new retail IoT solutions, 7-ELEVEn is striving to build smart convenience stores that are closely integrated with regional development and deeply loved by consumers.

As the serious commodity homogeneity of convenience stores, it is significant for stores to win consumers’ preference by promoting their own special commodities and constantly releasing competitive products in line with the potential demands of consumers. For example, 7-ELEVEn keeps a 10% to 15% monthly inventory rate based on consumer curiosity and seasonal weather patterns, thereby ensuring the products’ novelty and competitiveness, and stimulating consumers’ curiosity and desire to buy as well.

Some 7-ELEVEn stores are launching 4 to 6 new products a week, generally mainly in fresh food and ready-to-eat products. If using the traditional paper price tags once stacking the shelves with new products, it will be ecologically unfriendly and unsustainable to cost a lot of paper and labor in the production, replacement, and maintenance of the price tags. For stores installed with ZKONG ESLs, it is favorable for store staff to quickly refresh more abundant product information conveniently and effectively in seconds with a simple click in the ZKONG management system, eventually achieving efficient cost control and higher net profit.

The Blade series and Valley series ESLs installed are up to the requirements of matching all shelf edges seamlessly and refreshing the price tags of thousands of products in seconds. ZKONG Blade series ESL is especially suitable for the diversified shelf environment and marketing scenarios of convenience stores by integrating powerful features with a slim design, IP68 rating of waterproof and dust-proof, and longer service lifespan guaranteed by AI power consumption control system.

In addition, the ultra long-distance visible RGB multi-color custom LED on ZKONG ESL can remind store staff of inventory, promotion, or other prescribed application meaning by flashing lights, then quickly taking respective action. Freed from frequent shelf inspections, store staff can drive more attention to practicing the business principles of "cleanliness" and "hospitality" to convey target information to customers purposefully and seamlessly according to the needs of the consumption scenario. Thus, it is quite favorable of deepening the more intelligent and differentiated customer experience and enhancing the brand market competitiveness.

ZKONG ESL Cloud IoT solution realizes multi-directional connection of 7-ELEVEn stores in various online and offline ways, to provide solid technical support and constant inspiration vitality for stores to create a new personalized, precise, and intelligent retail experience in the process of serving, connecting, and marketing with customers.

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