Loja do Mecânico Advances on Digital Evolution with Innovative ESL Solution from Etiquetas.io and ZKONG
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Loja do Mecânico, the trailblazer in the machines and tools sector in Brazil, is excited to announce a significant stride in their digital transformation journey with the implementation their 15th store using an Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) solution. The solution is provided by Etiquetas.io, Brazil's pioneering ESL service provider, in collaboration with ZKONG, the global innovator of Cloud ESL solutions.

The adoption of the ESL solution signifies a major leap in streamlining operations and enhancing customer experiences for Loja do Mecânico, a company deeply committed to innovation. With this new implementation, the company once again advances into the future of retail, elevating the shopping experience and improving the operational efficiency of its stores.

On July 21, Loja do Mecânico store in the city of Guarulhos, metropolitan region of São Paulo, became the newest project with Etiquetas.io & Zkong, with the installation of 10,000 ESLs from ZKONG's Valley series. The state-of-the-art technology employed at this sprawling 700m2 sales area, part of a 2500m2 complex, is a testament to the scalability of the solution, which promises a significant impact on the company's operational efficiency.

ZKONG's Valley series ESLs are known for their seamless curvature, combining thinness and sophistication. They offer seamless integration with the shelves, providing a flexible and visually appealing product display. With no lens interference, these ESLs ensure clear, 180-degree viewing angles, allowing customers to easily read product information. Notably, these ESLs have been locally certified by ANATEL, the Brazil's National Telecommunications Agency, further strengthening their credibility and acceptance.

The implementation of the ESL solution is particularly crucial at a time when retail businesses are experiencing a rapid digital evolution. It enables Loja do Mecânico to make price strategies, such as real-time synchronization between online and offline price displays, a significant advantage in the omnichannel retail landscape. The use of ESLs will also reduce the time and cost associated with manual price changes, boosting operational efficiency.

But the benefits extend beyond operational efficiencies. By replacing traditional paper tags with dynamic, digital labels, Loja do Mecânico is able to offer a more engaging and interactive shopping experience. The ESLs can display a wealth of product information, ensuring customers make informed decisions. Also, the use of ESLs aligns with the company's commitment to sustainability, by reducing paper waste.

The successful installation of the ESL solution at Loja do Mecânico was lauded by all parties involved. Despite the scale of the project, the implementation was smooth and satisfying. It's a testament to the strong partnership between Loja do Mecânico, Etiquetas, and ZKONG, which holds promise for future collaborations and innovations.

With this transformative initiative, Loja do Mecânico continues to demonstrate its pioneering spirit and commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving retail landscape. The ESL solution is an important addition to their digital arsenal and is set to bring significant advantages in terms of operational efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, and sustainability.

About Loja do Mecânico
Born out of a passion for tools and a dedication to overcoming the challenges faced by mechanics, Loja do Mecânico has been a pioneer in online sales of machines and tools in Brazil. Today, the company serves the entire nation, priding itself on offering high-quality products at competitive prices. With an omnichannel approach, the company operates both online and through a growing network of physical stores.

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