Innovations in Technology and Experience | Mercedes-Benz Adopts ZKONG's Cloud ESL Solution
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Earlier this year, Autoklass and Mercedes-Benz Romania initiated the construction of the first showroom based on the MAR20X concept, with an investment of 1.6 million Euros, dedicated to providing Romanian customers with car sales and services that comply with the brand's new standards. The new showroom has a potential sales volume of 350 units this year and will be able to service approximately 9,000 vehicles annually for mechanical-electrical, bodywork and paint work.

Autoklass has adopted the cloud electronic shelf labels solution provided by IT GENETICS S.R.L., ZKONG partner in Romania, jointly launching the innovative journey of future retail. The application of cloud electronic shelf labels will fundamentally change the retail experience of Autoklass, providing customers with real-time product pricing and information and improving the operational efficiency of store associates. Autoklass General Manager Daniel Grecu stated, "In this particularly significant year for us, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Autoklass, we are thrilled to offer our customers a new unique experience."

In the Autoklass showroom, the ZKONG electronic shelf labels have changed the traditional ways of displaying and managing shelf labels. Traditional paper tags require manual replacement, while cloud electronic shelf labels make price updates simple and accurate. By just clicking in the management system, the target shelf label can be refreshed. The ZKONG cloud electronic shelf labels system also supports presetting multiple shelf label pages, automatically triggering page switching function at set intervals to display designated marketing content. Moreover, the system boasts leading transmission speeds and excellent anti-interference capabilities, enabling swift synchronization of product information across all channels and significantly improving operational efficiency and lowering costs. This allows staff to dedicate more time to providing valuable customer services.

ZKONG electronic shelf labels also have strong inventory management, product positioning, and picking functions. They can be connected to the inventory management system to automatically synchronize inventory data. The rich interactive interface of the shelf labels supports more than 256 flashing light modes to meet different operational needs of the store. For instance, when the quantity of a product on the shelf falls below a preset value, the corresponding electronic shelf tag will notify the associate through flashing lights to restock in a timely manner. The appearance of the ZKONG cloud electronic shelf tags exudes a strong sense of electronic technology, with uniform specifications, enhancing the overall visual impact and contributing to the overall brand image of the Autoklass showroom.

The ZKONG Cloud Electronic shelf label solution is an IoT retail solution based on AI, big data, and cloud computing. It aims to provide retailers with a comprehensive solution through the electronic shelf label system to optimize workflows, reduce costs, and improve market competitiveness. Additionally, the ZKONG electronic shelf labels provide Autoklass with a new way to interact with consumers. Customers can scan the product QR codes on the electronic shelf labels to browse product/event information and even place orders directly, greatly enhancing the shopping experience and strengthening the interaction between Autoklass and its customers.

As a major partner of Mercedes-Benz Romania, Autoklass's adoption of the ZKONG Cloud Electronic Shelf Labels not only enhances retail efficiency but importantly, provides customers with a completely new shopping experience. The real-time information update of the electronic shelf labels, personalized product display, and interactive communication with consumers all help to enhance the shopping experience, thereby satisfying their demand for high-quality services. This represents Mercedes-Benz and Autoklass's commitment to innovation, as well as their dedication to customer satisfaction.

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