Electronic Shelf Label

The new generation of ESLs, applying the technology of ZKONG ESL Communication, Wi-Fi and IOT system, enable stores to achieve all digital functions without installing servers.

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  • Change Page Automatically
  • Advertising
  • Update Stock Automatically
  • Out of Stock Alert
The ESL will automatically and regularly switch the page and display the promotion content to meet the needs of daily marketing activities, especially frequent price changes.
Install ZKONG large-size electronic shelf labels in shelves, central areas and entrances to ensure the coverage and exposure of brand advertising in shops.
The inventory data on the electronic shelf label screen will be updated simultaneously with the inventory system when the user's management system is connected with the ZKONG cloud ESL system.
When the number of products on the shelf is lower than the set quantity, the LED lights on electronic shelf label will flash to inform the staff.
The LED on the ESL will flash to provide the product position and a product picking route for staffs.
When consumers click the product on the app, the app will provide the best route from the consumer's current location to the located product
The customers can enter the online store and comment on the app easily when they scan the QR code on the electronic shelf label or hold the smart phone close to the ESL
Combine the ZKONG cloud ESLs with the shelf facilitate to manage the shelf, allowing staff to display goods in a quick, efficient and standardized manner.
The ZKONG ESL improve the overall visual impact of the store, which also enhance the brand image.
  • Product Positioning
  • Shopping Navigation
  • Consumer Interaction
  • Display Management
  • Brand Upgrading

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