ZKONG Shines at China in-store 2023 | Digitalization Empowers Retail Space Design
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On November 29, the Shanghai International Store Design and Solutions Exhibition (China in-store 2023), organized by Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., grandly opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center, Hall W5. This exhibition gathered over 100 quality retail solution providers, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and solutions in store design, decoration materials, display equipment, lighting, and digital marketing, aimed at promoting the sustained high-quality development of the retail economy through exhibitions and exchanges.

In the wave of digitalization, physical stores face new opportunities and challenges, with the integration of online and offline channels becoming a mainstream trend in retail. The industry is keenly focused on how to facilitate the upgrade and transformation of offline retail. Concurrently, store design and display, critical in shaping consumer experiences, are undergoing deep transformations, integrating digitalization and lightweight concepts into the new retail space design.

As a leading provider of electronic shelf label digital store solutions, ZKONG made a spectacular appearance at the exhibition, showcasing its next-generation four-color electronic shelf labels. These labels empower retail space design with new colors and multiple sizes, sharing insights into the future of retail and how digital tools can enhance customer experience and store operation efficiency, attracting many industry experts and attendees.

Guests from the Swedish ITAB Group visited the booth, expressing strong interest in ZKONG's innovative solutions and highly praising its potential in driving the digital transformation of the retail industry. The booth staff detailed ZKONG's full range of electronic shelf label products and diverse application scenarios, dissecting digital store solutions that deeply integrate technological innovation and user experience, offering a new perspective on store design, display, and operations.

Under the dual drivers of digitalization and the experience economy, physical stores have evolved beyond mere sales venues into warm, emotive experiential spaces. Through unique spatial layouts, innovative display methods, and personalized visual marketing, stores can create pleasant and comfortable shopping environments, enhancing consumer shopping experience and satisfaction.

ZKONG's next-generation four-color electronic shelf labels, with their rich colors and vivid display effects, not only catch consumers' eyes but also enhance product presentation. Real-time information updates and improved efficiency reduce paper waste, providing consumers with a more transparent and immediate shopping experience, symbolizing the harmonious coexistence of technology and ecology, and injecting new vitality and meaning into the modern retail industry.

Notably, the widely used 10.1-inch smart commercial display in fresh food scenarios is another highlight of ZKONG. It allows consumers to understand product details from multiple angles and dimensions through images, videos, text, and web pages, aiding in more informed and wise purchasing decisions. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also enhances customer loyalty, thereby driving sales growth.

As the retail industry continues to transition towards digitalization and experience-oriented transformation, ZKONG will continue to focus on technological innovation and practice, exploring a wealth of solutions to optimize customer experiences, deepen solution integration, and help physical stores better adapt to the digital age, enhancing their competitiveness.

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