Meet ZKong at NRF 2023 Retails’ Big Show!
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Under the digital transformation, the omnichannel offline + online collaborative service based on IoT terminal equipment has been constantly enriching and deepening the digitization of the retail process. Brick-and-mortar stores and digital stores are destined to complement each other.

The NRF, the oldest and largest retail trade show in the United States, opens at the Javits Center in New York from January 15 to 17. It engages more than 1000 solution providers to mobility issues retailers are concerned about, such as digital retail technologies, multimedia intelligent service devices, electronic and digital marketing guidance systems, commercial facilities and in-store experience technologies, and electronic payment systems.

NRF is not only a professional fair for the industry of store design, store display facilities, visual marketing, and in-store marketing, but also is a meeting gathering the largest number of audience and exhibitors in retail around the world. It aims to fully understand the development trend, solutions, and market prospects of the future retail industry and shopping mall supplies and stimulates cooperation to promote the industry into the next technological revolution.

As the global leading ESL Innovator, ZKong attends the exhibition NRF 2023 retails’ big show. ZKong provides ESL, digital signage, and smart-store solution for new retail, supermarket, beauty fashion, consumer electronics, and warehousing logistics, and constantly explore how to make the utmost of these commercial IoT terminal carriers in more new application fields.

The Sparkle Series intelligent digital signage and the new generation of four-color electronic shelf labels catch many guests’ great attention.

Sparkle LCD-based Electronic shelf label ZKS101D breaks the limits of time and space, allowing store marketing to go beyond imagination. The double-sided LCD digital signage realizes its function from pricing to smart marketing, which is designed with the ultra-thin 14mm body and the ultra-narrow 7.1mm screen to maximize the effective display area and is equipped with super-rich templates library and free combination display of various file formats to meet any advertising strategy.

The new generation of four-color electronic shelf labels can support any color combination of black, white, red, and yellow, to meet the needs of retailers using color marketing strategy and be suitable for more diverse environments.

The Blade series overcomes the limitations of extremely thin-and-light size on ESL performance to extremely enjoy the ultra-thin appearance, together with super fast refresh speed to fully meet the display requirements. The Essence series is still characterized as "thin and light" and is equipped with a "China core" with ultra-high integration and ultra-low power consumption. The Essence ESL improves its durability comprehensively of IP68 level dustproof and waterproof, which realizes any application scene in supermarkets or retail stores.

ZKong ESL relies on a real SaaS cloud architecture without local installation, on which the back-end management platform can efficiently manage all ZKong products in many stores such as electronic shelf labels and digital signage, and other commercial IoT carriers. Various deployment modes are available for users' various levels of deployment needs and the implementation of business strategies to the greatest extent.

ZKong has serviced more than 5,000 stores in more than 50 countries. In the future, the new generation of ESL, integrating a series of hardware facilities such as LCD commercial display screens and intelligent cameras, will continuously offer intelligent solutions and customized services for retail digitization and stimulate the limitless potential of smart retail.

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