Digital Fresh-food Marketing: One Plus One & Zkong Explore New Opportunities in Retail
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As the largest local retail enterprise in the Zhongshan area, One Plus One Super Market has been keeping up with the trend of New Retailing, and leading the adjustment of business format with innovation and technology. With its steady development over the years, it has been listed in "China's Top 100 Fast-moving Consumer Goods Chains" and "China's Top 100 Retails" many times. Regarding high quality and excellent service as its driving force for development, One Plus One has recently optimized the fresh retail by taking the ZKong Sparkle LCD Dual-screen Display into service, dedicated to creating a high-quality shopping experience for consumers and exploring new retail opportunities in the digital era simultaneously.

Double-sided LCD Digital Signage Breaks the Limitation of Time and Space for Fresh Retail

The ZKong Sparkle double-sided LCD digital signage ZKS101D selected by One Plus One solves the problem that it is unattractive to consumers within a stereotyped displaying form of traditional paper shelf labels. Digital signage can support free combination display of a variety of file formats such as texts, pictures, videos, and web pages, to meet the requirement of diverse advertising strategies. Plentifully flexible colors and vivid visual performance are available so that consumers can make good sense of the fresh-food items’ bright spots, definitely ensuring effective advertising and accurate price.

In addition, ZKong LCD Dual-screen Display has an ultra-slim design and ultra-narrow bezel which can maximize the effective display area, such as showing product traceability, agricultural public welfare, recipe recommendation, collocation recommendation, etc. In limited space, animation and multi-screen switching are used to create attractive points, deepen the product impression, and increase consumers' purchase desire.

0.1s Ultra-fast Refresh Favors Sustainable Development with Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase

One Plus One Super Market usually covers an area of five or six thousand square meters, among which three or four hundred square meters are used for selling fresh-food items. It is complicated but frequently necessary to update the price of fresh products mainly based on the daily market quotation and the freshness of ingredients.

Changing the price on traditional paper price tags requires employees to shuttle through the area to look for and replace the price tags one by one, which is time-consuming, laborious, error-prone, and even easy to miss the promotion opportunity. The ZKong Sparkle double-sided LCD digital signage can effectively solve the problem of frequent price changes in fresh retail. Using a real SaaS cloud architecture for the ESL system, it is effective for One Plus One to achieve 0.1s ultra-fast updating of all the LCD dual-scree displays by simple operation on back-end management. Meanwhile, the implementation of gradual price reduction can effectively avoid excessive loss of profits, ensuring meeting marketing needs during different periods.

In the long term, One Plus One can not only choose LCD double-sided LCD digital signage to effectively solve the unnecessary paper waste problem of one-time use and discard of paper price tags, but also free employees from repetitive hand-writing and paper labels maintenance. Eventually, the supermarkets achieve a more efficient and sustainable management by reducing material cost and labor costs.

High Protection Rate Design Guarantees Long Service Life and Wide Application
ZKong Sparkle LCD-based Electronic shelf label ZKS101D reaches IP65 rated water and dust resistance, perfectly against harsh environments of fresh retail. ZKong possesses a unique data security encryption system at the same time. It enables data security in the encryption processing of connection and transmission, effectively preventing the displayed price from being maliciously tampered with and protecting the autonomy of commodity price change. The service life is longer and the applications are wider under these high protection rate designs.

Centered on excellent cloud architecture technology, ZKong has been persisting in innovation and upgrading in information solutions to improve supply chain efficiency and meet consumer needs, helping One Plus One to continuously optimize shopping satisfaction and improve core competitiveness under the escort of IoT technology. We are jointly exploring new retail opportunities and constantly improving digital transformation.

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