ZKONG ESL Solution Digitizes Brick-and-mortar Stores
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Before and especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more customers choose to shop online. According to PWC, over half of global consumers say theyve become more digital, and the proportion of shopping via smartphones rises steadily.


Why customers choose online shopping

With 24/7 availability, Customers can shop at their convenience since they can make purchase at anytime and anywhere instead of spending time going to a brick-and-mortar store and making face-to-face payments with the store workers.

In addition to convenience, customers make contactless payment through the internet. They neednt talk to the store workers for more information about the goods they are interested in. This is super time-saving and easier way to buy what they want.

For lots of goods, the offline prices do not update synchronously with the online prices. So customers prefer shopping online especially when online promotions are underway and the in-store prices are still not updated in time.

How ZKONG can help to build a compelling retail store?

1. Consumers can scan the QR code on the smart signage of ESL to view more information about the goods, rather than asking workers in store for more details. In the meantime, they can make contactless payments anywhere in store.

2. ZKONG supports immediate receipt of online orders within the store, providing in-store ordering service and pick-up at any place, as well as the same-day pick-up service from the store.

3. Using the cloud ESL system, updating prices can be super quick by simple one click, keeping online and offline price consistent. So customers no longer need to worry about missing out on any promotions.

4. With the quick system behind the ESL, workers in store save more time to offer better customer service, building a consumer-friendly environment.

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