Improving the look and performance of Vodafone's concept stores
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Vodafone, the UK-based telecoms operator provides mobile and broadband services. By number of customers, Vodafone is one of the largest telecoms in the world, with over 400 million connections and customers across 26 countries.

Over the past few years, electronic shelf label (ESL) technology has improved considerably, especially in the area of digital transformation and visual display. This year Vodafone began the process of equipping its stores with smart cloud electronic paper shelf labels made by ZKONG.

Vodafone uses ZKONG Electronic Shelf Labels to update product and pricing information automatically across both existing and new stores. More importantly, they play a pretty significant role in finding the most convenient way to satisfied his customers and enhance the efficiency of management.

Rich display

With ZKONG Electronic Shelf Labels, 1.5”-13.3”display range sizes is wide enough to satisfy the needs of Vodafone store's merchandise or other specific information with EPD screen, like: images, dates, discount, QR codes for scanning shopping etc. All of these contents can be individually presented or automatically refreshed by one digital label and also easily adapted. Which means, Vodafone stores can eliminate the printing, cutting and placement steps from the traditional labeling process and save valuable material and labor resources.

Brand performance

Vodafone staff can display merchandise in a standardized manner quickly, efficiently with ZKONG electronic shelf labels. Also the Electronic Shelf Labels can be designed in accordance with Vodafone’s brand, with specific requirements like color, logos and fonts, which will effectively enhance the visual effects of whole in-store image.

Improved experience

The main task of ZKONG electronic shelf label is to create engaging, interactive and rewarding experiences: to build a direct close connection with those consumers who access Vodafone. For instance, ZKONG ESLs drives customers online via QR codes for product specs, ratings & reviews - utilizing eCommerce tools to help convert sales in-store.

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