ICA Launches ESL Project in Sweden with ZKONG and Wraptech
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We are proud to announce that ICA, an supermarket chain with more than 1270 stores in the Nordic countries, has engaged with ZKONG and partner Wraptech AB for an ESL project in Sweden. A range of Shield Series products are installed (ZKC15S,ZKC21S、ZKC29S and ZKC42S) on more than 8000 items stocked each store.

The rollout of ZKONG’s cloud ESLs with partner Wraptech Svenska AB has begun recently. The implementation of the first CIA store, which took less than a week completed by our outstanding partner Wraptech Svenska AB, has already experienced greater satisfaction among employees and customers:

- Saving costs from manual repricing
- Free up associates to focus on sales
- Replenishment automatically
- Reduce wastage
- Customer interaction
- Modernize stores and enhance image

ZKONG is widely known as a global leader in the cloud electronic shelf labels industry.

- We manufacture our products with our own full set of facilities, and we are the only ESL supplier in the market that does not need to contract out production to a third-party manufacturer. Which means we can offer the lowest-cost products for various of customized needs.

- The unique CLOUD ESL platform in the market,  the most powerful tool for in-store management. Easy to supervise and monitor all your stores at all levels, from the back office to the infrastructure without local installation.

Wraptech Svenska AB, is a family-owned company with over 35 years of experience in retail business both Sweden and Internationally.

Their main focus is to work with development and innovation regarding store-related equipment and offer the best possible products and solutions for your store.

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