A comprehensive electronic labelling solution for BAIYI

Sector: Retail, Supermarket, Commercial Chains

ZKONG Sparkle Series LCD double-sided electronic shelf label ZKS101D, built-in an ultra-rich material library to provide unexpected creative ideas, has been tailored for the scenario-based marketing of fresh food. Digital signage supports the free combination of text, pictures, videos, and other formats to achieve a richer and more vivid real-time delivery of commodity information and promotional activities, thus improving sales efficiency and consumer satisfaction.


Yanzhou BAIYI Shopping Center, the guaranteed supply supermarket designated by the municipal epidemic control headquarters, has ensured residents sufficient supplies at stable prices by constantly expanding the supply channels and improving the distribution system. To further enrich the shopping experience, BAIYI, as a model of modern supermarket enterprises in southwest Shandong, adopts ZKONG Cloud ESL Total Solution to constantly explore integrated online and offline development in the stable and rapid realization of cross-regional operation.

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