A comprehensive electronic labelling solution for One Plus One

Name: One Plus One Super Market

Sector: Retail, Supermarket, Commercial Chains


Help One Plus One get through online-and-offline sales based on Sparkle LCD Dual-screen Display to innovate retail mode and lead regional commerce upgrading. Sparkle LCD-based Electronic shelf label ZKS101D effectively solves the problem of frequent price changes in fresh retail, and realizes accurate and rapid price changes in seconds only with simple operation in the back-end management system. It can support free combination display of various file formats as texts, pictures, videos, and web pages, to meet the requirement of diverse advertising strategies.


Founded in 1994, One Plus One has been listed in"China's Top 100 Fast-moving Consumer Goods Chains" and "China's Top 100 Retails" for many times with its steady development over the years. With innovation and technology, One Plus One has always been leading the adjustment of business forms and expanding the boundary of retail service, to enrich new consumption scenarios, match the diversified needs of consumers, and create more quality life experience for customers.

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