ZKONG Innovates an Intelligent Retail Future at EuroShop2023
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Düsseldorf, Germany - ZKONG is happy to join EuroShop2023, the World’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair, to showcase our latest innovation from February 26 to March 2, 2023. Focusing on hot themes such as digitization, sustainability, and climate neutrality, professionals from various industries worldwide gather in the Düsseldorf exhibition halls to showcase innovative ideas, visions, and innovative trends in the global retail sector, to enable unlimited creativity in international business.

photo: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

About EuroShop2023

Founded by Messe Dusseldorf in 1966, EuroShop is held every three years and covers an exhibition area of more than 100,000 square meters. It is the world's No.1 retail trade fair covering all technologies and equipment related to the commercial, retail, and exhibition industries. 

As the world's largest retail investment demand fair, EuroShop2023 is future-oriented, showcasing all the trends and themes oriented towards target groups of each product range in eight fascinating retail dimensions and nine independent experience zones, to promote industrial development insights, innovation, progress, and collaboration.

photo: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann


ZKONG presents the latest innovation on full series of electronic shelf labels, digital signage, and other visual marketing IoT terminal carriers, as well as a series of IoT solutions based on "SaaS Cloud + IoT Terminals" for digital stores. We are continuing to deepen the European and global markets, exploring the future of intelligent retail innovation with global partners.

photo: ZKONG at EuroShop2023

Innovative Marketing Scenario of Customer-centric

In the traditional retail industry, people pay more attention to the usage of the commodity, which means whether the commodity can meet their own needs. Along with consumption concepts of higher quality and more differentiation, the marketing scenario of fresh food applied with scientific and technological equipment has been more favored by customers in the new retail.

ZKONG Sparkle Series ZKS101D, a newly double-sided LCD electronic shelf label, has attracted wide attention at EuroShop2023. It has realized customer-centric marketing innovation for fresh food, driving store marketing from a vivid imagination into an intuitive reality. For store stuff, the application of intelligent digital signage favorably realizes fast refresh speed of price tags to meet the marketing necessity of frequent price changes of fresh items, improving the sales efficiency. For consumers, the HD full-color screen of LCD-based electronic shelf labels makes for good performance in displaying abundant commodity information, improving the safety of commodity consumption and enriching the shopping experience.

photo: ZKONG at EuroShop2023

EuroShop 2023 focuses on hot topics such as customer-centric, experience, and connected retail, and so does ZKONG. We are continuously promoting the seamless combination of Cloud ESL IoT retail technology with consumption scenes, to explore more comprehensive and advanced solutions and systems with global partners jointly in the tide of new retail.

Sustainable Development of Reducing Cost to Increase Benefit

In the retail marketing exhibition area that drives future creativity, ZKONG’s new full series of ESLs will meet diversified marketing strategies in different industries. Compared with traditional paper tags, electronic shelf labels can not only display commodity prices clearly and accurately but also show various information such as promotion plans, prices of various currencies, inventory, QR code, and so on, facilitating the synergistic effect of retail marketing and retail technology to improve consumers' shopping satisfaction.

photo: ZKONG's ESLs at EuroShop2023

For stores, ZKONG’s Cloud ESL total solution based on unique SaaS Cloud architecture does not require local installation and supports various flexible and customized deployment modes, breaking through the traditional ESL deployment solution. It efficiently manages ESLs, intelligent display screens, and other ZKONG’s intelligent IoT carriers in multiple stores through just a highly integrated platform, which removes technical obstacles for merchants to unify online and offline commodity information, implement progressive price strategies and save paper and labor costs, to enhance market competitiveness and realize sustainable new retail development.

photo: ZKONG SaaS Cloud Service

Moreover, as the future mainstream ESL based on BLE communication protocol, ZKONG's mature core technologies of wireless roaming and load balancing give low-consumption ESLs unprecedented technical advantages. It can realize the safe, efficient, and stable transmission of data and provide a high degree of scalability and compatibility as well, to meet sustainable and different application scenarios and needs.

photo: ZKONG at EuroShop2023

Keeping up with the constant marketing situation, ZKONG takes great advantage of its fast-growing R&D center and independent production line to constantly release more intelligent, personalized, and scenario-based solutions for partners worldwide. And ZKONG is looking forward to working with global partners to innovate an intelligent retail future of customer-centric stores.

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