ZKONG & Tile Mountain: Pooling Online and Offline Flow
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Tile Mountain is Europe's leading one-stop tile and flooring retailer, offering a wide range of tiles from around the world, including bathroom, wall and floor tiles, to provide customers with a full range of sophisticated home improvement services. It owns multi-floor stores in lots of cities in the UK, providing offline services as well as  comprehensive online shopping channels.

Tile Mountain has a large number of stores and a wide range of products, and hence require a high demand for uniform price refresh. At the same time, as Europe's leading online retail service provider, it is one of Tile Mountain's business objectives to keep the information of thousands of products synchronized between online and offline, and to realize the interconnection of multi-channel traffic.

As a smart retail solution, ESL cloud system meets the store's needs for quick price update, diverse marketing and improved customer experience.

Why does ZKONG ESL stand out from the crowd?

01 Quick price change, full screen display

ZKONG's multi-series ESL products meet customers' needs for different shapes, functions and sizes. Tile Mountain enables customization of ESL display content and eliminates the long-term investment in paper price tags which is not green-friendly.

02 Create a seamless shopping experience for store customers
As the retail industry becomes more competitive, retailers are focusing on improving the customer shopping experience in their physical stores. Salesforce research shows that 75% of consumers want a seamless online and offline shopping experience. ESLs connect the online and offline retail channels, allowing customers to scan the code in-store to get more information about products from the online channel, and enabling flexible in-store ordering and pickup.

03 Upgrade store brand image
Different series of ESLs have different multi-color appearance, such as the ultra-thin Blade and the Valley which supports 180° reading. The concise ESL design and customizable display content help create a unified store atmosphere, allowing Tile Mountain stores to create a strong visual impact and a sense of technology through the deployment of ESL. 

ZKONG has completed countless deals across Europe and has successfully established a Europe-wide supply network. With innovative smart store solutions as the center, we have helped many industries to complete their digital transformation, and this is the original intention of ZKONG. In the future, we hope to successfully explore the unlimited possibilities of intelligence in more industries.

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