ZKONG Helps Bin Hamood Build the Efficient Electronic Appliance Retail
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Bin Hamood is founded in 1980 and is one of the giants of Establishments in the distribution of electronic appliances in Saudi Arabia. Bin Hamood owns more than 120 selling units of branches and more than 550 employees to provide comprehensive services to customers.

Bin Hamood has established more than 60 stores with the majority of 2-floor layout. Hence for BH, the united management across stores is important, and some kind of difficult based on its store numbers and store area.

What Bin Hamood needs:

- unified products info updates across stores;

- fast refresh of prices and promotions

- customer-friendly shopping environment


BH chooses ZKONG electronic shelf label for its 20 stores, and currently 3 of them had finished the ESL installation and initialization. ESL with different sizes are placed or fixed on various electronic appliances using different types of ZKONG ESL accessories. Besides, ESL displays goods information such as name, price, QR code and so on.


Employing ZKONG ESL, stores of Bin Hamood perform the digital transformation successfully. Workers can remotely monitor all ESLs across stores in seconds, including price adjustment, display page switch, LED lights change and so on. There is no more tedious process of re-sticking price tags, dramatically enhancing the accuracy and efficiency.

During the promotional seasons, ZKONG ESL supports the preset of display content. 8-page switch function is capable to meet the promotional and marketing needs.

Customers can use their mobile phone to scan the QR code displayed on the ESL once they want to know more about the products they are interested in. During the post-pandemic period, the contactless interaction is also needed.

In the meanwhile, workers in store do not need to spend time replacing price tags and double checking tagsaccuracy. Therefore they are able to spend more time offering services to their customers.

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