ESL & Blind Box: Make Surprise Smarter
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“Everything can be blind boxes”. This sentence really holds true in recent years in China. Data shows that the scale of China’s lifestyle toys market has increased from 6.3 billion yuan in 2015 to 29.48 billion yuan in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 36%. And the market scale is predicted to steadily rise to 30 billion yuan in 2024 based on the continuous diversification and maturity of blind box enterprise products and marketing methods, as well as the rapid development of unmanned retail.

As the pioneer and leader of Chinas blind box market, Pop Mart shares a large proportion of blind boxes market and has stimulated the huge momentum of blind boxes market. Blind boxes now does not only wrap the unknown lifestyle toys. That is to say, everything can be blind boxes, such as milk tea, makeup, plane ticket and various items in daily life. Therefore, Blind box, does not only contribute to the rapid economic growth, but also make its concept become an extreme popular trend in China, especially among the young people.

Pop Mart has been constantly explored new IP to inspire playersnew waves of enthusiasm for lifestyle toys. PAQU is the latest IP Pop Mart proposed. As a typical example of new retail, PAQU combines online and offline commerce model, launching PAQU iOS & android APP and physical stores.

The first two PAQU stores are in Shanghai and Xi’an. PAQU chooses ZKONG to realize the digitization of its stores. ZKONG electronic shelf label builds an efficient store management system and makes PAQU stores more modernized.

PAQU APP provides information & shopping services of lifestyle toys to lifestyle toys players, let players can communicate with other, and offers second-hand trading function as well as communication opportunity with designers. Various kinds of online activities attract people to head physical PAQU stores to select toys. ZKONG ensures the info consistency of each items in store by quickly updating display content.

In the meantime, consumers can use their mobile phone to scan the bar code or QR code displayed in the ESL to get more information about their interested toys. The contactless mode further stimulates playersinterest and curiousness towards blind boxes.

ZKONG ESL is designed with unified look, slim thickness and large viewable angle, endowing PAQU stores with sense of harmony and beauty. In addition, ZKONG cloud platform does not require the local installation and is able to remotely monitor all ZKONG devices across stores.

For the retail store of lifestyle toys highly sought after by young people, store digitization makes it more modernized. ZKONG is happy to co-build smart retail business mode and make life more interesting together with Pop Mart.

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