ZKONG Helps Restaurant Complete Digital Transformation
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Food is humankind's forever pursuit. The demand and supply relation partially explains why catering industry has always been flourishing during different eras. Now in this tech-savvy era, although catering industry’s business is still prosperous, how to employ technology to further stimulate its momentum?

In the traditional restaurants, an important work of workers in store is to write down or simply remember what customers order. However, this process may be fallible during peak time for dining and lead to somewhat awkward situation, such as dish mis-order or missing. In addition, a large amount of labour and time are used in this tedious process, so that customer services are difficult to be fully upgraded.

ZKONG electronic shelf label helps restaurant elevate the customer experience from multiple angles.

- ZKONG ESL displays and automatically refreshes the order information when waiters enter those information on their devices and updates served dish timely, so that both customers and waiters do not have to remember what they order.

- There is no more fallible writing down or memorizing process. Workers in store save more time from the tedious and attention-consuming process to be able to notice customersneeds and offer more meticulous service to them.

- More and more customers are paying attention to things more than food itself when choose restaurant. For them and especially for Millennials and Gen Z, they are pursuing sustainability, so a digitized restaurant which is paperless,labour saving and equipped with the highly efficient operation system is capable to fully meet their requirements.

The applying scenarios of electronic shelf label is far more than just retail industry. Everyone loves food, so do we. ZKONG matured cloud ESL system will help restaurants complete the digital transformation.

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