ZKONG Volunteer Team Supports Work of Pandemic Prevention
Publisher:Zkong Release time:2022-04-13 16:31:10 Source:Zkong

Recently Covid-19 has reappeared in several places in China. Haining City also launched a level I emergency response notice o April 4th due to the impact of pandemic.

Faced with the severe situation of pandemic preventing and controlling, ZKONG and other enterprises of Changan (Gaoxin District) Chamber of Commerce has actively responded to the call of superior department and organized volunteer teams to participate in epidemic prevention work, showing great determination to defeat the pandemic.


In April 8th, 20 volunteers in ZKONG went to Haining Outlets Square to assist workers in maintaining the order, directing tested people and perfecting ground sign, contributing to the pandemic prevention work.

anti-epidemic is every enterprise and humans responsibility and obligation. At the head of the outbreak, we should practice social responsibility with actions and show loyalty that moderin enterprises should have to society.” ZKONG CEO Zhong Kai Said, we are ought to actively involve in the voluntary work of pandemic prevention and control, help achieve a comprehensive victory in the fight against covid-19.


As the global leading supplier of cloud electronic shelf label, ZKONG continually provide products and related services during the pandemic. The rapid development of ZKONG is highly relevant to the safe and steady social environment, and we will make persistent contribution to pandemic prevention and control. 

We will strive to co-build and maintain the homeland in this new era and assume the enterprises due social responsibility. 

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