EasyGo Adopts ZKONG ESL to Build Smart Store System
Publisher:Zkong Release time:2022-04-06 17:09:50 Source:Zkong

EasyGo is a supermarket brand which offers customers a dynamic and innovative shopping environment. It owns 3 stores in French Polynesia currently.


In a large supermarket, updating prices of items is the key component to maintain attractiveness across local communities, otherwise consumers will flow to other grocery stores which publish the more competitive prices. However, using paper price tags to keep prices updated can be time- and labour-consuming, wasting a bunch of time on tedious and repeated process.

What EasyGo needs:

- quick update of prices

- efficient store management system

- accurate check of stock level


It took about 7 days to finish the installation and initialization of electronic shelf labels in this EasyGo store. Currently the store has 2,500 ZKONG ESLs roughly. And these ESLs are used to display products name, price, unit price, bar code, VAT rate, stock and own code. In addition, according to the local regulation request, some ESLs also automatically display PPN (margin controlled product) with red background.


ZKONG ESL creates a smart store system. Store owners now can directly update prices by simply one clicking, reducing the workload dramatically compared with manual replacement of paper tags. Moreover, ZKONG cloud ESL system ensures accurate price changing, whittling down the possibility of mistakes.

Deployment of ESL enhances the overall image of store environment. The clean look of ESL endows the whole store with harmonious and unified sense, giving customers better shopping experience.

Besides, there has been a decline in paper waste thanks to the adoption of ESL. The single use and discard of paper tags cause a large amount of unnecessary paper waste, and ESL copes with this problem perfectly.

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