ZKONG Modernizes Retail Environment of Luzhao Laojiao
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Luzhou Laojiao is a large brewing backbone enterprise that developed from 36 ancient workshops in Ming and Qing dynasties. Luzhou is a city which has enjoyed reputation of the city of spiritssince ancient times, with a over thousand-year history of brewing liquor. As a liquor brand sharing its name with a city, Luzhou Laojiao is the origin of strong aromatic Baijiu.


Before adopting ZKONG electronic shelf label, Luzhou Laojiao had used traditional paper label. However, This company was seeking for a more digitized way to upgrade store management system. In addition, improving consumer experience is another appeal of Luzhou Laojiao.

What We Can Do

ZKONG ESL ensures the consistency of online and offline prices. Besides, ZKONG can help Luzhou Laojiao:

- Reduce needs of unnecessary paper usage;

- Update Prices instantly in- or across-store;

- Offer customer more key information about kinds of spirits in store;

- endow the store with modern atmosphere to better inspire customersinterest with visual shock.


The installation of ESLs in stores of Luzhou Laojiao went smoothly. The most obvious transformation is store environment. Almost all design of spirits wraps are of quaint and exquisite beauty, while the join of ZKONG ESL is not obtrusive. Instead, the modern atmosphere ESL brings about harmoniously blends in the store, enhancing the overall image of store and brand.

The cloud ESL system supports updating prices across stores. Hence once the pricing adjusts, price changing of all related goods in all stores can be realized instantly by simply clicking one button.

Electronic shelf label also encourages customers to better engage in the interaction with goods since they can view information showed on the ESL and scan QR code to explore more details.

Moreover, workers in store save more time to introduce the brewing technique and history of spirits to customers, deepening customers' knowledge about Luzhou Laojiao.

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