Life Super Explores Ideal Life with ZKONG ESL Solution
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Sector: Retail and Supermarket

Country: China

ESL introduction time: 2021.9

Life Super

Qingdao Leader Group is a cross-regional, multi-format, and comprehensive large-scale commercial enterprise. Life Super is a fashionable and exquisite supermarket under Qingdao Leader Group, covering fresh food, cereals and oil, snack food and personal care.


In recent years, facing the new trend of consumption upgrade and the new challenge of technological innovation, Qingdao Leader Group is advancing towards digital transformation of online and offline integration. Installating ESL becomes an important part of digital upgrade of Qingdao Leader Group.


On September 30, 2021, Qingdao Leader The Mixc opened. Life Super in The Mixc also grandly opened. This new store covers 6,000 ㎡, divided into meat, leisure food, deli, frozen refrigeration , five valleys, personal lake care and baking area.

With our ZKONG fabulous electronic shelf labels and unique system,  the commodities of every area can get unified management, clearly and easily.

What we can do

ZKONG electronic labels can help Life Super deal with one of common difficulties in fresh retail - the frequent price change and high turnover rate.

Sparkle series, ZKONG new HD display, designed for fresh food, HD full colour display with outstanding picture quality, IP65 high durability, adapt to various fresh scenes.

More than that ESLs can help Life Super:

· Offer dynamic price & promotional changes

· Display transperent information for customers

· Integrate online and offline operations


For Life Super

Automated price management

Real-time accurate price update about all commodities. Besides, ZKONG ESL support appointment price change, meeting price update demand of fresh food at any different time.

Attractive display

HD full colour display, all-round presentation of commodity advantages, more attractive and advanced.

Omni-channel marketing

Combine the ESL with official account, the customers offline can be followers of Life Super, increasing consumer loyalty.

For customers

1. Through electronic information display, ZKONG electronic shelf labels create a cleaner, more orderly and beautiful shopping environment for customers.

2. ZKONG ESL solution provides interactive experience for customers. Customers could learn more merchandise information by themselves through scanning the QR code on the electronic shelf labels.

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