Mi home chooses ZKONG to improve customer experience
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Sector: Smartphones and Smart hardware

Country: China

ESL introduction time: 2021.8

Mi home

Xiaomi is a consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company with smartphones and smart hardware connected by an IoT platform at its core. The company’s products are present in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.
Mi Home is a direct customer service center established by Xiaomi, covering smart phones, smart homes, smart travel and other fields, which also is a place of communication for Xiaomi fans.


“Just for fans” is Xiaomi’s belief. How to improve customer experience becomes the most concerned problem of Xiaomi. Xiaomi has online stores and physical shops. It is a challenge to ensure that prices are the same online and on the shelves of physical shops.
Besides, there are many product categories under Xiaomi, the staff would spend many hours changing the prices and making sure they are correct and that there are no discrepancies.
But when Xiaomi meets ZKONG, all problems are solved.


Xiaomi chose ZKONG ESL to keep price update consistent online and offline. New generation of ESL, which perfectly combines AI, big data and cloud technology, making price update fast, accurate and easy. It has a variety of sizes to meet different display needs, such as different categories display management of Xiaomi.

ZKONG unique SaaS cloud platform, no local installation required. It supports thousands of Mi Home unifying control of various information from headquarters with billions of information processing.

ZKONG personalized ESL integrate perfectly with Mi Home shop style. They are compatible with the products of Xiaomi, minimalist and high-tech.


Mi home installed ZKONG electronic shelf labels to make the prices consistent online and in the brick and mortar stores world-wide.
1.Management efficiency
Real-time accurate price update online and offline for dealing with frequent promotions.
2.Brand image
Enhancing Mi home display management and upgrading overall image, improve brand competitiveness.
3.Unified management
Unified managment world-wide among thousands of Mi home , easy and efficient.

ZKONG electronic shelf labels also play a key role in creating a better customer experience.
1.Mi home has unique live experience that online store can’t provide. Through electronic information display, ZKONG electronic shelf labels create a cleaner, more orderly and beautiful shopping environment for customers.
2.From smart phones to smart home, Mi home covers all areas of smart life. ZKONG electronic shelf labels provide a clear display under different fields, so customers could find what they need easily, saving time and energy.

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