CDF Engages Shoppers at Shelf with ZKONG ESL
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China Duty Free (Group) Company Limited (CDFG) was officially established in 1984 as a state-owned franchise company authorized by the State Council to conduct duty free business nationwide. After more than 30 years of rapid development, CDFG has established long-term and stable partnerships with more than 1,000 world-renowned brands and set up more than 240 duty-free shops in more than 30 provinces across China, providing duty-free goods services to nearly 200 million domestic and international tourists every year.


The digital transformation of China Duty Free Mall is an important step in the company's development and transformation. The change in consumption pattern and demand has prompted more and more traditional shops to upgrade and renovate, and how to improve the experience and enhance efficiency without losing style has become the main theme of the technological upgrade of Duty Free Mall.


For this cooperation, we chose the world‘s largest single duty free shop - Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex, as the pilot for the first deployment.

> Some luxury brands, such as Gucci, have long queues at the entrance and consumers have to move slowly or so to enter the shop or pay for their purchases. ZKONG take full advantage of the flexibility of electronic shelf labels to help consumers pay for themselves, reduce queuing time and allow plenty of time to experience the products

> The daily flow of people in duty-free shops is very large, with the average daily number of shoppers reaching 12,000 in December last year. We have made customized adjustments to the hardware functions and system for the duty-free industry, which perfectly fits the needs of our client in the duty-free retail industry.

> Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Centre is the largest single duty free shop in the world, with a total commercial area of 72,000 square metres, and a large number of SKUs. We have formulated a rigorous system launch plan to ensure the stable operation of the price labels.

> The products in duty-free shops are mostly high-end luxury products with very high brand image requirements, so ZKONG relies on its factory advantages to provide accessory image design and customised production for each brand.

How ZKONG solution works

It is pretty simple to use: through PDA scanner to bind the goods and ESLs, the cloud system will receive the bind info and generate the label content, sending to Bluetooth AP, finally the target ESLs can get the content from AP via Bluetooth, at the same time, there is no need to add any news servers in the CDF mall.

Better Experience

Combine the ESL with the APP to open up the online shopping mall. By scanning the QR code of the product on the electronic shelf label, or by holding the smartphone close to the ESL, shoppers can browse online to place orders and share reviews

Inventory Automation

Once the CDF's management system and the ZKONG ESL system are connected, the data docking and dynamic fields are used to automatically synchronise the inventory data in the system with the inventory data on the ESL screen.

Precise Marketing

Using ZKONG ESL, large size ESLs are installed through shelves, entrances and other locations to achieve omnichannel joint placement of business scenarios and increase the coverage and exposure of brand advertising in stores

Brand Upgrade

ZKONG ESL electronic sensory effect is obvious, the specifications are neat and uniform, with an overall visual impact, while the addition of technology helps to enhance the overall image of the shop and the brand.


Through electronic shelf label equipment and a complete set of smart store solutions based on the ESL system:

1.The electronic display of product information in duty-free mall can be realized, and the customer experience and store image can be improved;

2.After the product display information has changed, it can be directly modified through the back-end service docking and automatically modified to improve management efficiency:

3.The link of the QR code on the electronic shelf label is used as the entry point for online shopping checkout, which facilitates online content display or offline traffic guidance.

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