Zkong's Business Penetration in Shanghai XINTIANDI
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During 2019 Shanghai Fashion Week, Shanghai XINTIANDI was in cooperation with FUSE for its new store - FUSE XINXIAN. This is where a new retail IP started.

FUSE has inspired customers through vivid content and sharing mode that correlated to different life styles.

Zkong’s ESL to redefine apparel retail sales

Label framed with fashion style, from Zkong design

FUSE · New Retail 4.0

Content x Technology x KOL = New Shopping

/ Content

Different scenes with different themes, customers are able to fully experience from sensory organs, and to touch content delivered online to offline.

FUSE actively releases four scenes: gym at 7:00 am, office at 10:00 am, coffee shop at 3:00 pm, and holiday village at weekends.

/ Technology

More retail solution combines online and offline shopping: every single spot for data collecting, and more traffic transmitted to online shops. Big data improve fashion branding and manufacturing.


Continue to bring with new brands: HKTDC/ Tuplus/ Judy Doll/ Skin INC/ GLOV/ SANGLUO/ SETSETSET!

Zkong’s smart label, a MUST CHOICE for New Retail

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