Zkong's ESL Equipped China Mobile's Official Store in Chongqing
Publisher:Zkong Release time:2019-04-30 17:15:25 Source:Zkong

Recently, the first smart store of China Mobile has opened in Chongqing downtown. Titled with “5G smart life”, and installed a lot of cutting-edge equipment, the store has been big news of the city and attracted lots of customers to visit.

Being one of the most important solutions of the smart store, Zkong’s ESL has perfectly worked with existed system, and managed the pricing of over 200 SKUs.

Not only convenient use, Zkong’s smart label also has upgraded the appearance of the “5G smart life” store, which is of two floors and 200 square meters area.

As for pricing, the crew can easily finished price change and see any information that has been transmitted to the labels at user interface.

Meantime, some customized labels with special size can demonstrate more information, and is incentive for more deals and much easier to meet business needs.

Looking ahead, it will be the milestone for Chongqing’s 3C retailing and the pilot store for China Mobile’s whole digital process.

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