300m² Area of A “Real Store” Exposed by Zkong and Its Partners at C-STAR
Publisher:Zkong Release time:2019-04-30 17:10:29 Source:Zkong

ReTailor Hub is a 300m² area, demonstrating "smart retailing concept". It’s a shining star at C-STAR,and the masterpiece of Zkong and her partners.

In a "real store environment",customers can experience new technology in practice,and enjoy the pleasant in-store journey with Zkong’s revolutionary smart solutions.

C-star is an important branch of EuroShop, composed of shopfittings and furniture, store design and visual merchandising, smart retail technology, lighting, and catering hospitality equipment refrigeration system. And it’s also a perfect stage for global retailers and their providers.

The show demonstrated how technology help retail to elevate store operate efficiency, and improve sales.

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