HANG TEN Started Digital Revolution with Zkong
Publisher:Zkong Release time:2019-08-16 15:43:31 Source:Zkong

We are glad to announce that Zkong has established smart store system with HANG TEN — a symbolic brand of lifestyle fashion culture. As a pilot program of the organization, HANG TEN has adopted Zkong’s Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) in its flagship in Zhejiang province, which is among the steps of the company’s ambitions in China market.

Facing up the fierce competition, HANG TEN has made a smart move — in just a couple of months, the pilot store’s sales increased by 15%, and customer satisfaction raised by 7%.

HANG TEN’s flagship was getting rid of three headaches overnight:

The first one is that the level of price errors has been minimal after the integration of electronic shelf labels.

Second, with implementing price and information automation on labels, coworkers have more time to focus on the customer shopping experience and exploit potential areas of sales.

Besides, big data from the Cloud platform helps the store to run campaigns and activities so much easier.

Then, how does the magic happen? The reason is simple and clear. With Zkong’s Cloud ESL solution, Zkong has promised clients like HANG TEN that we would always develop even smart solutions whenever and wherever. And our ever-growing business has attracted more and more buyers all over the world.

The smart store represents retail’s future, Zkong represents cutting-edge technology and a solid network to make stores even smarter. Keeping ahead of the ESL industry, Zkong leads historical change to retail the future!

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