Underlining the Offline Digital Echo-system, Zkong Considered the Brilliant Star at APRCE
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The 19th Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition International Consumer Goods Fair have been grand opened on September 5th in Chongqing. As one of the top 3 retail events on earth, APRCE attracts over 4,500 seniors from big enterprises, consultants, institutions, and governments all over Asia-Pacific countries.

Recent years, retail is getting weak stuck in the dilemma of high cost and slow growth. It is to be found that there are more opportunities from small business when new products and brands are emerging at consumer market. AI and thermal sensing have been the catalytic converters to either open or shut down of the stores — unprecedented tense and anxiety are generated from the even brutal competition in retail industry. Follow the trend or being terminated, the convention is focusing on how physical stores save themselves and reach fast growth by building up their own strength.

Now, there has been a more and more extensive use of ESL in the world, retailers have adopted ESL spontaneously and considered it as an innovative way to cope with the down turn of sales and market share. Stepping on the stage of APRCE, Zkong attracts intensive attraction at the fair for its most forefront digital technology of Cloud ESL System.

Based on an easy-installed Cloud ESL system, Zkong has made the solution much more safe and stable. Zkong’s ESL dramatically decreases labor cost and increases operate efficiency at store, and contributes to a whole new interaction between shops and customers. With the help of Zkong, our customers can easily make real time price change and conduct activities and promotions across the stores. At the exhibition, Zkong’s engineers have demonstrated the working process of Cloud ESL and the blueprint of Zkong’s future products, which were highly praised and recommended by the delegates, who were deeply impressed by Zkong’s views on solution. Zkong Networks has inflated the digitalization of offline echo-system to empower the renovation of more industries in retail.

Relying on excellent quality and reasonable prices, Zkong has been widely acknowledged by not only Asia-Pacific clients, but also customers all over the world. Zkong is no doubt an uplifting force on the planet to push the development of New Retail in global market.

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