Zkong’s ESL Drives Alibaba’s Hema Fresh Store to Success
Publisher:Zkong Release time:2019-04-08 11:44:08 Source:Zkong
In 2019, not only is Alibaba eager to catch the novel retail trend, but also are other domestic e-commerce platforms. Hema fresh store is the first pioneer, but soon Dingdong, eleme, and Sunning are following with their own ambitions of the fresh food market.

To face up the even more fierce competition in New Retail sector, Hema steps on its developing process and will have 4 new brands: Hema Vegetables, Hema Mini, Hema F2, and Hema Stop.

First Hema Vegetables opened on March 28th.

Hema vegetables opened in May Flower Square will cover a dozen communities in neighbor, and provide delivery service within 500 meters.

Due to the excellent location, not only will the young customers, but also will the elderly people come to visit the store.

New shopping way, new service, lots of brands are the killing weapons for the vegetable store.

For outstanding technology and product, Zkong had been chosen as Hema’s exclusive provider for smart infrastructure.

Moreover, Zkong’s cloud ESL system and highly customized labels will be the key purposes of New Retail and is to gain deep understanding and analysis of online consumers' preferences.

to roll out the next generation of online brands and to be aligned with the process of Alibaba’s reshaping strategy.

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