Zkong Released 8-colored Screen of ESL at Paris Retail Week
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Europe's biggest retail fair Paris Retail Week kicks off on Sep.24, Zkong has sent its professional team to meet customers from retail sector all around the world and to celebrate its new item together.

Why retailers and customers need Electronic Shelf Labels?

According to a recent study by Havas Paris, for 82 percent of French people of all ages, touching a product equipped with electronic shelf label (ESL), and it is proved an integral part of the pleasure of shopping. Another example springs to mind is that more and more French brands and other retailers in Europe have been installing ESL systems to help them for customers’ pleasure the digital solution for price labels. And it is essential competitiveness for retailers to keep price change fast and accurate, cut down material usage and maintain labor costs at the lowest level.

How does Electronic Shelf Label meet environmental regulations in their stores nowadays?

There is a strong trend towards environmentally friendly. According to the study, 80 percent of European people feel that ESL avoids so much industrial waste. We are also seeing changes in terms of store design and layout, with the use of ESLs, or at the very least functionality, LED on ESL extends customer shopping and store management to a larger spectrum. Indeed, Paris Retail Week 2019 is setting the tone: more than 83 percent of the retailers have turned to ESL for their future business.

What Zkong brought to Paris Retail Week?

At the fair, Zkong has released its brand new product, 8-colored Electronic Shelf Label. ESL stands for the future of Retail, and the multi-color leads the trend of ESL. With the help of an 8-color screen, promotion and event on shelves can be managed much easier than before and customers will experience extremely detailed and vivid descriptions of the merchandise. Based on global retail research, price labels with rich colors will stimulate impulsive buying and improve product identification a lot. Product displayed in a far more beautiful way, a lot more sales can be reached at global markets.

Why Zkong so popular at Paris Retail Week?

Zkong is a global leading ESL innovator that can always help retailers and retail providers progress digitization with valuable ESL portfolio. For the convenience of the future partners, Zkong will provide Product Quotation, ESL Data Sheet, Samples and test account of Cloud Platform, API document and Other customized solutions based on requests. And 24-hour service team is stand-by and come to be accountable for any of the business interests and market opportunities of our partners.

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