Zkong Launched New Model Real Master Piece for Retail Equipment
Publisher:Zkong Release time:2019-10-14 11:35:27 Source:Zkong
Retail means detail. Zkong is always the player who concentrates all the details on a masterpiece and delivers the outstanding solution to new retail industry.

Today, Zkong has extended its product range again and launched the newest model: Stretched LCD Display. The new series has perfectly combined the latest wireless technology and smart system to create a seamless and delightful shopping journey at site. We are so excited that the bar-typed stretch LCD display can contain so much vivid content that end users can easily understand and be inspired by advertisement and products all on the screen.

From a cloud-design concept, which is one of Zkong’s core advantages, Zkong LCD is so much smarter than any other device that it can be remote controlled via the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology and managed at a cloud for swift content change and seamless update in wireless environment. And Zkong’s LCD is so much different than any other device that it is purely a Cloud Product and can integrate with Zkong patent-owned cloud ESL system to enhance modern digital store infrastructure.

With the enlarged product lines and more advanced solutions coming up, Zkong will build its partners a more intelligent digital ecosystem.

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