Big success! Zkong’s Debut at CHINASHOP
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Big success! Zkong’s Debut at CHINASHOPCHINASHOP is the No.1 Retail Event in China, and is the most important display platform for Chinese New Retail industry. Each year, hundreds of thousands of retailers and providers gathered here to discuss about future and to redefine the frontier of retail.

▲China’s most important retail expo

Zkong’s among the most popular brands at the fair for a simple reason: Zkong is holding the vision and ambition to bridge global retail industry and the cutting-edge IoT technologies for the profoundly innovation of smart retail infrastructure.

▲Zkong’s booth is the most crowded in retail technology area

Zkong has a complete product range of electronic shelf labels, in terms of functions, sizes, appearance etc. And Zkong can customize the labels at any perspective, because of its client-centric strategy.

▲ At the fair, Zkong has exposed the latest Valley series, stretched LCD series

Zkong’s solutions outnumbered others because it has developed ESL system on the basis of Cloud structure, and has looked into retail industry by study the retail application deeply and understand retailers’ needs better. Zkong’s booth presents “4U” features to all the visitors: unique cloud solutions, unusual customization, ultra fast update, and unlimited capacity.

Except for ESL system, the technology-based company also has started the development of more features for smart retail infrastructure thus to fulfill its vision for next 10 years.

▲ Zkong oriented an omni-channel echo-system for future physical stores

Representing a new stream of smart retail industry, Zkong has stepped on the new innovation, which leads to a bigger success in the future. 2020 Chinashop, we will see Zkong, but with a brand-new profile again.

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