Newest Function Released on Beyond Series
Publisher:Zkong Release time:2019-12-26 10:48:21 Source:Zkong

With the newly integrated NFC function, retailers can embrace the dynamic spaces on the shelf and link customers to promos, product specifications, AR, online shops and much more. With the option of NFC, Zkong ESLs can also create more efficient workflows for your coworkers from product basics, through merchandising, through remodeling, to managing services, to increase customer engagement – to help reduce costs and optimize sales profits.

Zkong’s Beyond Series

Moreover, the shoppers are also benefited from the new feature. Because on a more intelligent shelf edge, its much easier to be guided to their preference, to acquire more information behind the screens and to get personal service of product proposal, promotion date, or any interesting activities.

It’s so nice and easy to practice NFC function in a way that you have never imagined.

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