Zkong’s Amazing Show at NRF 2020
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Jan 12th 2020 is the big day of the global retail industry – As Retail’s Big Show (NRF 2020) kick off in New York City. As the world’s biggest retail expo, NRF 2020 has attracted over 40,000 industry professionals, 20,000 retailers, and more than 800 exhibitors. Zkong with a great number of retail providers gathers together to open the showcase of the newest technology for the retail industry on the planet.

Retail’s Big Show 2020 Opening

Known as the world’s leading Cloud Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) provider, Zkong has developed a TRUE cloud platform for ESL users, which is successfully served more than 3,000 stores across the world and to be proven as the most trustworthy solution in a corporate environment. Zkong Cloud platform provides retailers to manage all the chain stores at different locations at the lowest cost.

According to the reflection from customers, Zkong’s ESLs are acknowledged as the best performance labels: 1-second refresh, real 5y-battery, full-graphic screen, and ultra-slim design...all those features has impressed a lot of customers and visitors at the show. Thanks to 10y-wireless technology development history, Zkong’s ESL system is also the most stable and advanced system that end users can rely on. Seamless connection, signal optimization, wireless roaming, and load balancing, those technologies valued Zkong’s solution with an extremely excellent user experience.

Zkong’s Product Rang Presentation

Meantime, Zkong has also launched the world’s first full-color screen electronic shelf label at two different sizes. This brand new item has completely change the application of normal 3-color screen ESL. Try to imagine, what kind of job you can fulfill when holding a full-color screen of high resolution and ultra-slim frame? Moreover, the brand new stretched LCD displays are also demonstrated at the booth. The LCDs are qualified for high resolution, wireless controlled, smart operate the platform and many more features. Zkong’s new items have caught a lot of eyes during NRF.

New Items Hit the U.S. Market

Most Popular Booth in the Show

Sticking with a long term mutual-benefit strategy, Zkong cherishes any kind of partnership and would always find a way to grow with global customers. As a fast-developing company, Zkong has ranked in the top list of the world’s ESL providers and worked closely with Alibaba Group, E-ink, HUAWEI, China Mobile, and many other world-famous companies. Founded as a manufacturer of wireless communication devices, Zkong aims at the most advanced IoT hardware and software platform to lead the innovation of retail technology and will provide the most attractive packages to partners all around the world to grow together.

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