Zkong Confirmed an Outstanding Position in ESL Industry at Euroshop
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Known as the No.1 retail exhibition, Euroshop 2020 was held during 5 fulfilled days. When hundreds of thousands of exhibitors and visitors come to the show to explore, discuss and celebrate the most excited equipment and technology of the retail industry, Zkong was confirmed again as the leading company for cloud electronic shelf labels.

Zkong has been one of the busiest booths of retail technology exhibition area and attracted a lot of visitors to come for discussion. There are so many reasons for visitors who want to cooperate with Zkong, and according to customers’ reflections, 3 points attracted them most at Zkong’s booth.

Heats at Zkong’s booth

Full product range
Zkong owns a complete set of production lines and a big engineer team, which enables Zkong with a full range of ESL sized from 1.54-inch as the smallest and 13.3 inches as the biggest. The line-up products can adapt not only to standard shop fittings, but also water environment and ultra-low temperature conditions. Zkong also provides various types of accessories to add value to the labels located in different locations.

Various models and sizes

Advanced function
Grown as a wireless communication devices provider, Zkong never stopped fulfilling new functions to its cutting-edge products. Beyond information display and on-line review, Zkong has enriched NFC function to help shops update the label. Just try to think, how amazing is that the labels are updated immediately with just a tap on the frame! Another function that will excite the market is the automatic template switch. Which means one label can load several templates at the same time, and switch one to another automatically. This will definitely help stores enlarge their marketing spectrum to create more sales on the shelves.

New NFC function

Grow together model
Meeting with a high level of customers abroad during the show, Zkong has signed a number of partnership agreements to help them practice the forward-looking trends in their countries. And Zkong also provide them with partner-first cooperation to grow with them together in the industry.

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