ZKong Donates 150,000 Masks to Worldwide Business Associates
Publisher:Zkong Release time:2020-03-20 10:18:05 Source:Zkong

15th March - To prevent the spread of the COVID-19 and maintain health supplies for business associates, Zkong has pledged 150,000 masks to business associates around the world. The supply will be delivered to Europe, North America, and more continents in March. Some counties like Italy, U.K., U.S, Spain are severely affected, will get supplies immediately.

“The continuous growth and rapid expansion of ZKong in 2019 could not be achieved without our business associates’ generous assistance. AS the COVID-19 propagates around the world, we are willing to return the favor to our best partners.”said Richard Shi, CEO, Zkong Networks, Ins. He added, “ COVID-19 has upgraded to pandemic level of threat, which requires our immediate attention and furthermore united efforts to overcome this global challenge, We hopes that these masks will help our business associates get through this hard time.”

So far, the first shipment has already been shipped out. According to plan, ZKong is going to donate another batch of 20,000 masks to potential partners in early April.
ZKong, as the global leading innovator and solution-driver of Cloud Electronic Shelf Label (ESL), will still support clouds ESLs, stretched LCD, cloud platform service during the outbreak. Hope we can tide over difficulties together.
We must fight it together, hand-in-hand.

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