Coop Sweden Launched First Unmanned Store Armed by ZKONG
Publisher:Zkong Release time:2021-03-24 17:27:54 Source:Zkong
Two months ago, Coop, one of Sweden’s leading grocery chains with approximately 800 stores across the country, launched their first unmanned store at Sätrahöjden in Gävle, which equipped with ZKONG electronic shelf labels for related omni-channel solutions.

The small pilot store of 30 square meters is perfect for those who want to shop for supplements and offers about 400 different frozen, dry, chilled SKUs at all hours of the day, click and collect services are also available.

Customers enters the store, scans goods and pays with Coop’s specific APPs, they also seek out more information by scanning the QR code on our ZKONG electronic shelf labels.

Coop noticed that it took too long and too much labor to create and print all price labels and fix them to the shelves tight. And must ensure the price 100% correct at the same time.

But the unmanned store has no traditional cash registers or stocker to help with daily operations. The company requested a flexible solution to display their price and more information that was easy to manage and cost effective.

ZKONG Electronic Shelf Label Solution:
ZKONG Electronic shelf labels are prepared to be installed in 150 Coop’s stores, allowing deploy ZKONG Cloud System on public cloud server without local installation, enabling the headquarters of Coop to manage the items of each store in real time.

As for the integration, ZKONG Platform has the ability to provide more than 200 opened interfaces, offering a effective and proven ways that minimized the time needed for testing and installation.

√ Manage and monitor the price labels of the store from anywhere anytime.
√ Change the price precisely, correctly and fully automated
√ Labels and items can be bound / unbound directly in-store
√ Integrated with the Coop existing systems easily and quickly
√ Customers can view product details by their smartphones
√ Cut the costs for manual processes, mispriced losses of paper labels

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