The Effects of ZKONG ESLs to GreenPrice are Truly Marvelous!
Publisher:Zkong Release time:2020-07-31 16:30:22 Source:Zkong

GreenPrice rescues edible foods with “Best Before Date” about to be discarded due to marketing strategies and gives them one more opportunity of distribution in their online and offline stores.


To better practice "best before concept“ and level up their brand image, GreenPrice needed a simple, effective device that could be installed quickly and effortlessly, that would reduce labor costs and deliver strong ROI. Manmade price errors also needed to be eliminated.


ZKONG has provided 3-color ESL products with superior quality through its own development of display and strict quality control in its own production line, which fits perfectly all various shelves of GreenPrice’s stores.
ZKONG also has built a stable and fast system to make unlimited price changes on any label frictionless.


-- Price changing in seconds unlimited automaticlly.
-- Manage your stores in the cloud.
-- Timely disposal of expiring products with LED reminder.
-- Freeing up staff to focus on providing better service.
-- Paperless operation for environmental protection and sustainable development.

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